Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ornament Clubs 2011-12

Hello all, The Ornament Clubs have begun. For the last three years we have done a monthly kit of a Christmas ornament form the Just CrossStitch Magazine. We make a complete kit with all the materials to make it look just like the picture in the magazine. This year, we decided to take a break from 12 new Christmas ornaments to 6 new Christmas and 6 new Halloween ornaments. Just CrossStitch put out a book of full-sized and ornament sized Halloween patterns. We had many people request some fun ornaments since Halloween is fast becoming the most decorated holiday. We will do alternating months. October is/was Christmas Blackbird Designs, November will be Charland Designs Boo Halloween design. These kits will vary in price depending on the supplies needed to finish them. If you are interested please contact us by email or call us. We can ship ornaments out on a monthly or bi-monthly basis if you would like. If you are interested,please contact us by email or call us. xsmsf@aol.com or 608-782-7008, 888-907-7008

Pictures seem to have a mind of their own when I want them to go in a certain spot!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

To Market to market I go

The Superbowl is almost upon us eeek!
Cool Superbowl Sunday Sale 10-2
make sure you are here!!!
Our Nashville market is coming the weekend of Feb 19 and 20th. I will be going down to see the latest designs from many of our favorite designers.
If anybody has any requests for me please email me xsmsf@aol.com
We know for sure that Blackbird will be there with a book filled with projects they taught this last year. I would love to know who would like one.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Choices for Ornament Club

Hello All, These are the Ornaments chosen for the club. If you are interested in joining call 608-782-7008. Thank you Sarah

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anyone ready for fall?

Hello Stitchers,
The weather has been my kind of weather lately. I love the cool crisp air. I'm hoping we are on the downhill slide of this hot sticky stuff. Fall if my favorite time of the year. I just adore sweatshirt weather! So with cooler air on the brain I've been working on some halloween projects lately. I've finished these two quick stitches into little containers. Aren't they adorable? The days are definately getting shorter so those of you who are 'winter' stitchers come on in and get a new project for those longer evenings coming up.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Betsy Ross and her sisters?

Hello everyone,

I just had to share this story for you. It'll show my gullible side! Linda and I were working at the framing desk. She was putting together the new ornament kit and I was entering things on our website. Make sure to check out the new stuff coming in. Anyway, I told Linda I thought the Liberty Belles by Little House Needleworks was very cute. She said one of them must have been Betsy Ross and maybe the other two were her sisters who helped her out but didn't get any credit. She said it so seriously I had no clue she was kidding. So, everyone out there. Stitch up Betsy Ross and her sisters. Don't those sisters deserve some credit!

Enjoy your day and make some time for stitching!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bah Humbug!

Most of you who know Sarah won't be surprised by this blog...I just finished a cute little Y2K pattern. Yeah that's right! Only took 10 years for the finishing. Isn't it a cute little pin keep and scissor fob. You all know how much I like the little things. This pattern is still available and would make a very cute reminiscent piece or put the current year on it and it would still be adorable!!!