Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer is here!

Ok it's not officially here. But the weather sure feels like summer so we are making supply bags for a cute little pillow Deb W. made. It is a freebie pattern from Glory Bee and is a cute and quick project to work on. Stop in and see what else we have for summer.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Front Windows

Hello All,

Here is a picture preview of what the front windows are going to look like. It's a new model for the store and finished with our new 'gift box' finishing technique. We have directions for this type of finishing at the store if anyone is insterested.

My daughter Brooke is in softball so I'll be learning all about that sport this summer. More than I already know anyway. I volunteered to help out with the scorebook and so far it should be taken care of but I may have to do it at some point so I figured I had better learn it. I was checking into it on the internet and it is way more complicated than I thought so I have my work cut out for me. Wish me luck at learning something new!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Nan Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball

Ok, I couldn't resist a second post today. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in starting a stitching group for this one? You know how much I love the small stuff. We just got the chart in from Just Nan for the Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball. We also have the fabric in and I can't wait to get going on this one. I just have so many projects going right now I should really get done first but I might not be able to resist. The fabric is gorgeous. Let me know if you are interested in a group stitching project!

Hello Crosse Stitchery Fans! We are glad that you come here to check into what is going on at the store. I am a little behind on posting info here but promise to blog every time I put something new on facebook which is usually a couple of times a week. Thanks Colette for the suggestion! This last week I finished a very cute Liberty piece which is a freebie from Lizzie Kate. I finished it into a 'gift wrap box' so it is a standup piece that can set anywhere you need a cute little bit of patriotism to show. I also finished my stocking which is the Sugarplum stocking by SamSarah. Very cute and non traditional. I will be posting the Ornament and Reindeer stocking by SamSarah when I get those done. Cross your fingers I get them done by fall! I'm working on them during Brooke's softball so I should have ample time to complete them. I've only taken a little ribbing so far from other spectators! Sarah and I have been discussing offering finishing services through the store so ask us about a project if you need to have something finished.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ornament Club

I must admit I've been on a finishing frenzy lately. I went through my WIP basket sitting by my chair and sorted out projects as to importance. It was getting quite messy will all my works in progress. I still have 10 or more in my current basket and all but two fit in there so at least it's a little cleaner. I moved a few to the back burner in the spare bedroom and put away a couple that had been done. I need to work on 5 pieces to donate to the guild boutique for a fundraiser for the Oktoberfest show which I will post pictures of when I get all 5 done. I've got three done right now. I also finished the next ornament for our ornament club. The designer is Cherished Stitches and it is a needlbook which was stitched on 36ct buttercream linen. I really enjoyed working on the higher count linen although I do need my trusty mighty brite to do it. Our ornament club was started after the Just Cross Stitch issue came out last September. We chose 12 ornaments with the help of our regular customers and made up kits for one each month. It's been a fun club. In June we will have a couple of finishing nights in case some people have questions. I believe this was a popular club and will be done again next year. We should have details in September if anyone is interested.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Happy Friday to all. It's a great day to be thinking about stitching with the drippy rainy weather. I am currently working on the Gingerbread House set from The Victoria Sampler. Here is a picture of the biscornu I just finished. I have the scissor fob stitched but not assembled. I have a few sides of the house done and am anxious to get back to working on it again. I took a break for some guild projects that I needed to complete. Hopefully the weather warms up a little bit. I'd like to get my flowers planted. I'm thinking with snow/rain mix in our forcast for tonight I may wait another week. Enjoy your weekend and keep on stitching!