Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bent Creek Newbies

Hello Stitching Fans,
I couldn't resist sharing these cute new patterns from Bent Creek. They just arrived this week. For those of you who loved The Branch series there is a new Patriotic one starting. There was also a Christmas Branch series and of course the original Branch series. Check out our website for more information. The Happily Ever After is a very cute birth sampler that looks like it would be a quick project if you know of anyone you need a gift for. And being a stitcher I fell in love with the Stitching Row. I just love alphabet stuff and stitching what a great way to combine the two. Might just have to pick that one up and do it for a model. I have flowers and yard work on the schedule for this weekend. My flower store in town is having their spring sale so I'll get the flowers I need for my pots. Hopefully I'll still have time left over for stitching!
Have a great weekend,

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