Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello Crosse Stitchery Fans! We are glad that you come here to check into what is going on at the store. I am a little behind on posting info here but promise to blog every time I put something new on facebook which is usually a couple of times a week. Thanks Colette for the suggestion! This last week I finished a very cute Liberty piece which is a freebie from Lizzie Kate. I finished it into a 'gift wrap box' so it is a standup piece that can set anywhere you need a cute little bit of patriotism to show. I also finished my stocking which is the Sugarplum stocking by SamSarah. Very cute and non traditional. I will be posting the Ornament and Reindeer stocking by SamSarah when I get those done. Cross your fingers I get them done by fall! I'm working on them during Brooke's softball so I should have ample time to complete them. I've only taken a little ribbing so far from other spectators! Sarah and I have been discussing offering finishing services through the store so ask us about a project if you need to have something finished.

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